Human Rights – Life, Liberty and Personal Security

Mar 21, 2021News

Did you know that one of the oldest questions in the world, is “Am I Safe?

Close your eyes and imagine a time long, long ago when human beings first roamed the earth – it was a scary place then, just as it is today.

Way back when, people needed shelter and food, along with the ability to live in harmony with one another and the natural environment around them and without being fearful.

Fast forward a few millennia and those needs, and desires are still basics that everyone looks forward to.

In the modern world, we have defined a code of Human Rights that speak to these basic needs. They are often defined as the right for everyone in the world (universal) – whoever and wherever they are – and from the moment they are born to the last breath they take, to be entitled to enjoy basic rights and freedoms. In short, everyone is equal, and everyone has the right to a set of standards or norms, which include:

  • The right to equality and freedom from discrimination.
  • The right to life, liberty, and personal security.
  • Freedom from torture and degrading treatment.
  • The right to equality before the law.
  • The right to a fair trial.
  • The right to privacy.
  • Freedom of belief and religion.
  • Freedom of opinion.


Human Rights Day

On Sunday 21 March, South Africa will wake up to Human Rights Day. (International Human Rights Day is 10 December each year). On this day in March, there will be many necessary discussions and get togethers that will highlight many of the inequalities and lack of basic human rights that are still faced by many South Africans. There will also be those, who will ignore these considerations, and see the day as a time to relax or meet up with friends, family or get out and about, taking their rights for granted, which under freedom of expression, is their right to do.

For us at Trigger, we have focused our business on ensuring that people living in South Africa have the right to feel safe and protected. This is why we have created a smart app that gives subscribers access to a host of essential emergency services – all together on one easy to use platform.

Not many of us are born with crystal balls and can predict when we might need access to armed response, paramedics, roadside assistance, legal services or a safe space because of undergoing a trauma of some kind – or just needing someone to talk to.

Usually, when faced with an unexpected crisis, our frightened or panic-ridden brain tends to shut down, so instant recall of the right number, any number, to call for help, escapes us. But with Trigger, it’s as simple of ensuring that the app’s icon is on the home screen of your mobile device and you just press the button.

Trigger is not a crime task force. We do not profess to have all the answers and we certainly cannot promise that we can prevent all crimes from happening – that would be false marketing and dangerous. We do, however, aim to enable people to live their lives more and to the best of their ability – we want to help people be a little less afraid.

We do this by providing you with access to some pretty smart technology that reaches places others cannot and reacts faster (we use machine-to-machine technology) so alarm requests are received and acted upon promptly. Time, after all, is of the essence in a crisis.

We also want to empower you, so we have teamed up with experts in the field of personal safety, to give you FREE tips and tools on how you can take charge of your own safety and needs, before a crisis becomes a reality.

So, this Human Rights Day, claim your right to be safe and download Trigger.


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Panic family of 4: R109/month incl VAT
Platinum Individual: R99/month incl VAT
Platinum Family of 4: R299/month incl VAT


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