Armed Response Is Evolving… The ‘UBERization’ Of Security.

We live in the age of technology and on-demand services. Technology is fast changing the security landscape as we know it, providing new tools to make security more accessible, affordable and effective.

We call this the ‘UBERization’ of security.

Imagine a world where the best armed response providers come together on one platform with a single goal, to offer the fastest guaranteed response to an emergency, anywhere, anytime all at the push of a button, ensuring consumers are ALWAYS SAFE.

That world is TRIGGER.


TRIGGER is South Africa’s first tried and tested on-demand mobile response solution. TRIGGER uses smart technology combined with GPS to autonomously connect the closest response vehicles from a nationwide network of the best armed responders to a consumer in an emergency.

All it takes is the push of a button.

Building our system to provide mobile response for one of the largest mobile workforces in the world, Aura is in the prime position to take the armed response industry to the next level, giving South Africans the security they deserve.

Trigger offers the fastest guaranteed response to an emergency ..

Benefits of Trigger

  • Mobile Response:
    Not limited to a consumer’s home or office – anywhere, anytime.
  • Autonomous dispatch:
    Not reliant on humans to identify and dispatch closest response vehicle. Smart technology identifies closest vehicle to a users location and autonomously dispatches it.
  • Pinpoint Geo-Located incidents:
    Closest Response vehicle is navigated to the exact GPS location of the user, resulting ingreater response accuracy.
  • Nationwide Response network:
    TRIGGER has partnered with the best response companies nationwide, to give consumers access to 1500 armed responders, anywhere, anytime.
  • Reduces additional links:
    TRIGGER eliminates additional and unnecessary links, ensuring consumers get help faster.



Response is not limited to a consumer’s home or office – anywhere, anytime.

What’s in it for you?

  • Value Added Service:
    Offer a value-added service to your customer base, by integrating AURA’s technology and
    nationwide response network into your existing app/s.
  • Seamless integration:
    AURA’s Technology has been developed to cater for seamless integrations.
  • Increase customer acquisitions:
    Differentiate your offering, increase customer acquisitions and brand loyalty.


  • Push for Help: A user activates the mobile panic button via your app or by utilizing a physical Bluetooth linked panic button, when in an emergency.
  • Closest Responder Activated: The alert is autonomously distributed to the 5 closest response vehicles to the users location.
  • Response Via In-Vehicle Device: The closest response vehicle taps to accept the panic activation via an in-vehicle AURA responder device.
  • GPS Navigation: The accepting response vehicle is navigated via the TRIGGER responder device, directly to the incident location through built in GPS and accurate tracking.
  • Instant Client Profile: Client identity and other key information are automatically shared with the dispatched vehicle and AURA control centre.
  • Control Room Back-Up: The AURA control centre oversees all activations and can support in dispatching additional resources if required. e.g. SAPS and EMS
A user activates the mobile panic button via an app or smart device
The closest responder accepts the panic via a responder device
The accepting responder is navigated directly to the user’s location via GPS


A user activates the mobile panic button or the AURA physical Bluetooth panic button,
when in an emergency.


The closest response vehicle accepts the panic via an in-vehicle responder device.


TRIGGER was born out of the critical need for more efficiency within the South African Security industry in order to combat the growing crime rate facing all of us. TRIGGER achieves this efficiency through smart, disruptive and scalable technology, which creates a WIN-WIN-WIN for all parties involved. The customer receives affordable and effective services; the security provider increases revenue and its client base; and TRIGGER fulfils its mission and vision. TRIGGER is driven by a young entrepreneurial founding team with extensive experience within the security and technology spaces.

Trigger‘s Vision

To Become the “tech nerve center” of SA’s security response industry, which is centered around smart technology combined with humans responding autonomously.

Trigger‘s Mission

To make effective security more accessible and affordable in SA, by creating and deploying smart, scalable and disruptive technology.