SA’s own all-round personal safety app launches essential family and friend locator function

Pretoria, April 2023 Personal safety app, Trigger, recently launched a new feature on its all-in-one emergency services platform.  In addition to having instant access to the likes of armed response, paramedics, roadside assistance, legal services, the NSRI and an all-important mental wellness helpline, SA’s fast growing personal safety network has bolted on a family and friend locator function called ‘Trackme’.

As South Africans, many of us live in a constant state of stress and fear for our personal safety, and for that of our family and friends, especially young children.  Incidents of kidnapping are on the rise, as is human trafficking according to the 2021 Trafficking in Persons report published on the US Federal Government’s website.  (South Africa is regarded as a hotspot for trafficking). 

So, is it being paranoid to want to locate our nearest and dearest or have them locate us?  The answer is no. It’s called survival. Is it necessary? More and more so.  Is it ethical? All persons need to be advised of being part of a group, as Trackme works on a transparent and inclusive basis.  It is of course, highly irregular, and unethical to locate people without their permission or knowledge. 

“Nothing in life is guaranteed… What we can do is prepare. As a husband, a father, a friend and a business owner; one of my key focus points has always been safety. How do I make sure my family is safe, have access to premium emergency service providers and when I am not with them, I don’t worry about where they are and are they safe. Trigger made sure I stopped guessing and hoping for the best and gave me the information to have peace of mind to do what I need to do to put food on the table, everything inside an app and at my fingertips.

The first time I actually needed Trigger, they performed better than what I could even have imagined. I knew that I wanted South Africans to experience what I did, and this is why I joined Trigger.

Over the years we have added amazing “extras’ onto the app, but the one that really changed the game for me and my family is “Trackme”. My wife knows where I am at all times, she doesn’t have to phone me to ask me if I am ok, especially when I am on the golf course. I know where my kids are at all times which is a huge relief given the state of kidnappings in SA over the past 12 months.

The best way I can explain it; Trigger is that one thing you know you needed, after you needed it.

We designed a free 14-day trial so you can test before you buy. I want you to be comfortable that you trust what we do, before you have to pay for the service…

Rather have Trigger and don’t need it, than need Trigger and don’t have it…”

Here are five reasons why Trigger’s Trackme is a must:

  1. Protect and connect loved ones by creating a circle of trust on the app
  2. Create geo hotspots and geo fencing for location-based parameters and reminders.  If people stray outside of the set parameter an alert is immediately sent to the contact group
  3. Realtime awareness of where the ‘located’ party is, meaning that if anyone is running late everyone can see, or in the event of a hi-jacking, kidnapping etc, the phone can be easily located, and the information can be sent to authorities
  4. Emergency notifications to group members in the event of an incident, which can be used to pinpoint where the emergency services need to be sent to
  5. Trackme is free to all Trigger subscribers and what’s more, the company is giving away free 14-day trial subscriptions to the Trigger armed response service, for those who download the app during April and May 2023. 

Trigger’s CEO, Bruce Steyn says: “We’ve spent some considerable time developing and testing Trackme before launching it to the market.  We learnt that international companies who offer this in South Africa sell the data, we understand the importance of your security and partnering with the correct brand to know where your family is at all times will make the difference between knowing and wondering.  We are confident that the functionality of this feature is world-class, and will remove the guessing when it comes to the location of your loved ones.”

So, whether it’s a blind date, burning the midnight oil at the office or walking to and from a favourite restaurant or coffee shop, or following the kids as they make their way to and from school or a playdate, a personal safety app can lessen the stress of thinking about personal security.


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About Trigger

Trigger was born out of the critical need to help people in South Africa, live, work and play, in safety and with peace of mind, by providing a smart, easy to use, all-in-one platform that can help people access a network of premium accredited emergency services and providers – when they need them most. 

Trigger uses smart, disruptive and scalable technology that is also enabling better efficiencies across the security and emergency services sectors. This has created an optimally beneficial environment for all concerned: the subscriber, who receives affordable and effective services; the security provider who is able to increase revenue and its client base; and Trigger, as we fulfil our mission. 

Trigger is driven by an entrepreneurially minded founding team with extensive experience of the security and technology sectors. 

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